Progetto Poltrona (Armchair Project)

personal project with Paolo Corradeghini

Back in 2009, Paolo Corradeghini and I embarked first into a series of exercises with the use of mainly speed lights, which quickly became my most beloved project we called ” Progetto Poltrona”. The idea was simple: portray people in an environment that represented them somehow: may it be for their job, sport or passion. All sitting on the same armchair I found in my newly (back then) rented apartment.
The armchair represents the living room of each one of us (wait, I do not have one single shot of myself on the chair… Paolo does.. many 🙂 ), as to say “this is my house, my life”.

I hope you’ll enjoy scrolling through these images, beautiful memories for us, just as much we enjoyed taking them.
You may recognise some of our friends.